Hello Darlings!!!
Sorry Ive been missing for such a long time. Theres been so much going on in my life during the last month, its seriously been crazy! So where to begin...hmm...well let me begin by saying...
Precisely 12 weeks and 5 days. Theres a tiny miracle growing inside me and we couldnt be more happy! My husband and I found out September 5th after three weeks of driving myself crazy thinking I had the flu. Turns out that the week before I started feeling the dreaded “morning sickness” my in laws and hubby came down with the flu. So what was I to think? 
I was really dreading taking a pregnancy test. I had finally come to peace with the fact that perhaps I would never be able to conceive and taking a pregnancy test felt really insulting to myself because I think of it as a reminder of what I could supposedly NEVER accomplish. 

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