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Unfortunately, a nice, normal man can turn into a date rapist. However, there are some men who are more likely to be sexually aggressive than others. Watch out for:

*men who do not listen to you, ignore what you say, talk over you or pretend not to hear you. Such men generally have little respect for women and would be more likely to hear "no" as meaning "convince me."
*men who ignore your personal space boundaries.
*men who express anger or aggression towards women as individuals or in general. Hostile feelings can easily be translated into hostile acts. Such *men often get hostile when a woman says "no."
*men who do what they want regardless of what you want. If a man does this in little ways--for example, if he makes all the decisions about what to do and where to go without asking your opinion--then he may also be likely to make the decision about whether you are ready to have sex with him.
*men who try to make you feel guilty, or accuse you of being "uptight" if you resist their sexual overtures.
*men who act excessively jealous or possessive.
*men who have wrong or unrealistic ideas about women (for example, "women are meant to serve men"). Such men are not likely to take your objections to sex seriously.
men who drink heavily. A "mean drunk" can often get sexually aggressive, angry, or violent if he is rejected.



Take a walk in my shoes and then judge me,
Judge me for nothing else but myself,
Take a walk and then you will see,
You will see what its like, to be me.


Words in my head

Ive been hurt to many times by (heartless) people or so I like to assume. I pick myself up and I brush it off. I pray that I be not angry or spiteful. I beg God to teach me something and to use my pain for some growth if not for me for others involved. Sometimes our life is used as an example for others. I remember that God is in control and that no matter how many tears I cry or hurt I feel, he is right beside me guiding me and leading me unto the mountain top.

Nahum 1:7 The Lord is GOOD a STRONG hold in the day of trouble and he KNOWETH them that TRUST in HIM.

What ive learned in life soo far.. is.. *There’s a point in your life when you get tired of chasing people and trying to fix everything… but its not giving up… it’s realizing that you don’t need certain people… the crap… and the drama they bring…*

*Im the girl who loves you inside and out, backwards and forwards, and with my heart hanging out. I LOVE NO OTHER WAY!*



ALL MAC unless otherwise stated

Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation
Dollymix Blush
Blunt Blush
Natural MSF in Dark

Soft Ochre PP
Gesso - inner
Your Ladyship - Lid
I used cork liner to "cut crease"
Expresso - over cork
Lizard by Lancome - crease
Arena - to transition back into your ladyship pigment as highlight
Loreal Lineur Intense
Diorshow Mascara


Dont let life just happen to you...

Let you happen to life!
Get up get motivated I know that may be hard to do at times but if you dont motivate yourself then tell me who will. Live your life to its fullest and learn to live it day by day. Scream, jump, be crazy! Dont leave for tomorrow what you can do today . Sometimes we just get comfortable and we just let our lives pass us by. Challenge yourself to be the best at what YOU can be! Do it for your own reasons, do it because it feels good, do it with passion, do it with love. Most importantly dont let anyone tear you down. I f God be for it, who can be against it?

So today choose to happen to life and leave your mark.


Night Look : Black and Blue

MAC rubenesque PP - Base
MAC Beauty Marked - Crease
MAC Novel Twist- Highlight
Urban Decay Flipside - Lid
DiorShow Mascara
Loreal Lineur intense

Doublewear by Estee Lauder
Xrocks Blush ---By MAC I love it!

****I dont know what color im wearing on my lips . It is a Mary Kay bronze brown lipstick but the label with name has fallen off sadly! Im sorry!

Confession: I am more in love now, than I ever have before!

Theres something trully magical about marriage. Perhaps its the feeling that youll never be alone in a desperate time of need or the fact that you wake up every morning to the kiss of your endless love. I love waking up in the morning and the first sensation I feel in a day is his kiss. The first sound I hear is "I love you" and the first sight I see is my lover!

It has been a tough couple of months for me simply because I seriously have never been away from my family and to me family is EVERYTHING... they were the air I breathed. When I got married I understood I would not be close but I never imagined it to be this difficult upon my heart. Ive cried more tears over this than anything else in the last few months.I thank God I have a husband that loves me with faults and all and that in those times of pain to me I have his arms around me. I have finally come to the conclusion that my family can keep going on without me LOL, and that I can keep going on without them perhaps not close to me physically but ALWAYS close to my heart!

So the last few months el hub and I have grown closer together. I cannot think of a better best friend than him. I keep in mind what Ms. Mongold said to us when she spoke at our reception "Think of your marriage like a triangle, you and him are on opposite sides and the center point is God. The closer you both grow to God the closer youll be to eachother." That will stick with me forever or so I hope! I trully believe that the closer we are to God the closer God will draw us to eachother and that it is the love of God that will keep us together!

So how does it feel to be soo in love and in lust with your lover? I feel on top of the world!


Pink and Brown

Happy 2009

Another year rolls upon us. Are you ready? Time for resolutions
that will transform your life it's the perfect time for a new begining.

What are my goals this year? My goals are to become a better
christian...because theres always room for improvement, to be a better
wife...because I'm still quite new at this, to become a better
cook...to fill all those around me with yummy food :D, to become a
healthier person...just for me, become a better artist...in whatever
art I choose to conquer and lastly towards the end of the year prepare
to (if God permits) become a mother.

I am super excited for 2009 to see what God has in store for us.
God is good and I know he is in charge! I hope that every one of you
has a 2009 full of blessings and great achievements! May God bless you!

La Wifey

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