Love is in the air!

Goodness its been soo long since I last posted. I am 28 weeks and 5 days I cannot believe time is flying on by. Into my last trimester and as weird as it sounds I feel refreshed and energized. Baby has been moving like crazy and I am loving it! Its truly such a miracle and I am amazed God has allowed me to take part in the miracle of life. I feel so blessed.

Valentines day is so close already, can you believe it? I want to bake something special for my love. He has been great and I am blessed to be a part of his life. As many of you know we are having a natural home birth (Lord willing) and we decided to take a Bradley Class. If any of you out there are planning a natural birth even if its not your first birth and want to try a natural birth I highly recommend taking this class. I am so glad we decided to take it. It has helped me to better prepare and to be more aware of the many choices I have when I give birth. Not only has it helped me but it has helped my husband understand the process of pregnancy better. It has brought us closer together.
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