Love is in the air!

Goodness its been soo long since I last posted. I am 28 weeks and 5 days I cannot believe time is flying on by. Into my last trimester and as weird as it sounds I feel refreshed and energized. Baby has been moving like crazy and I am loving it! Its truly such a miracle and I am amazed God has allowed me to take part in the miracle of life. I feel so blessed.

Valentines day is so close already, can you believe it? I want to bake something special for my love. He has been great and I am blessed to be a part of his life. As many of you know we are having a natural home birth (Lord willing) and we decided to take a Bradley Class. If any of you out there are planning a natural birth even if its not your first birth and want to try a natural birth I highly recommend taking this class. I am so glad we decided to take it. It has helped me to better prepare and to be more aware of the many choices I have when I give birth. Not only has it helped me but it has helped my husband understand the process of pregnancy better. It has brought us closer together.
Though aimed towards a husband coached birth, it is perfect to take it with whomever else you've chosen to coach you through your pregnancy and birth. So far we have learned a lot, we do weekly meetings in which we learn material pertaining to birth and preparation. We started doing weekly rehearsals of birth and practice positions of birthing so you know what better suits you. Through the week it is our responsibility to practice at home, eat right, and for me to do daily exercises to prepare my uterus and tone my body for birth. I am sure I am missing so many other details but it gives you a general idea and I am so glad were able to take the class. To learn more and find instructors in your area you can go here The Bradley Method® of Natural Child Birth

All that to say my Chris has been wonderful at helping me with my exercises and all the other aspects of our new journey. He has made my pregnancy even more magical.

Heres a picture of me @ 28 weeks WoW!

What do you think that belly could be? Most everyone says girl but who knows? Hmm we shall see soon enough. Just a little under three months to go =)

Heres a few things that have kept me occupied these last few months:
  • Reading pregnancy and birthing books 
  • We finally started our nursery this past week but its going slowwww but its getting there. (Cant wait to post pics) 
  • Trying to gather information on basic baby needs, heres whats made my list so far:
      •   Boppy pillow
      •   Swing
      •   Bouncer
      •   Pack n’ Play (Chicco)
      •   Travel set (Chicco)
      •   Breast Pump (Medela)
      •   Nursing Pads (washable, Medela, Lansinoh, Cottonbabies, Simplylillies)
      •   Nursing covers (bebe au lait, hooter hiders) 
      •   Nursing Bra 
      •   Blankets/burp cloth
      •   Swaddling blankets
      •   Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream 
      •   Sleepers/pj's
      •   Baby nail clippers and basic toiletries 
      •   Baby wash and baby lotion
      •   Bumbo Seat w/ tray
I am very much considering cloth diapering, theres so much selection that I dont know where to start. I will also be working on my birth plan in case of transport to hospital. Its always best to be prepared. So as you can see I will be a busy lady this last trimester which is great because if I dont keep busy these last few months will drag! 

Anyways enough of my ramblings. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day weekend full of love. The day of love and friendship make sure you take time for those special people in your life who are always there for you! 


  1. For cloth diapers, I would recommend prefolds on an infant.

  2. Thanks Laura! I plan on starting perhaps at 2 or 3 months. I figure thats the best time to start.

  3. Looking good, I will guess I girl too :)

  4. Awww....a baby in the oven. I have so many frds having babies this year...2011 is going to be a baby year.


  5. @Dhalia seriously I know lots of gals expecting this year too its crazy!

  6. Do you have names picked out?

  7. Yes we do =) a boy and a girl one. Elijah Isaac or Emma Isabel nothing set in stone of course but 90 percent sure those are it.

  8. im your 130th follower. i am so happy to have found you. i have also PCO. I wish you all the best in your life.

  9. You comment on baking something reminded me of a photo I saw around Valentines Day - these are super easy to reshape purchased "cinnamon roll in a can" rolls into: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=32278951&l=20b3ae6e41&id=1198192441

  10. Aren't they cute!? I hope you can see the pic at the link (it's my FB album). Very easy - I am going to do them like once a month, I think.


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