Dairy Free Apple Cobbler with a KICK!

Last night I felt my very first kick…HOORAY…at first I wasnt quite sure but when I felt the second and third back to back I just knew it! It kinda felt like a muscle twitch in my lower abdomen. I was soo soo excited! It happened during some amazing preaching at my church I guess it even got baby going =D

As far as my pregnancy goes everything is going great! I have managed to nearly have a spotless house. Caught up on a lot of things I need to do around the house. I have noticed my back begins to hurt really bad already after vacuuming and sweeping…which honestly doesnt seem like much to do that much damage. I have never had any back problems whatsoever so I know its definitely the baby weight =D


Im 4 months today!

@ 15 weeks and 5 days
God is good all the time =)

 As of last thursday im nausea free Oh YEAH! I feel like im almost back to normal except everytime I try to do any "major" house work my back starts to hurt this started yesterday I forgot to mention that in my 16 weeks update vid bellow.

I seriously cant begin to tell you guys how blissful (even through all the morning sickness) my pregnancy has been I am still beyond amazed Im experiencing this magical moment! I cant stop thinking of Gods goodness even through the hard times…its those hard times that makes our faith even stronger!

I have started looking at stuff like strollers, pack n plays and such. Does anyone have any suggestions. I want to know which brand to trust theres honestly so much to choose from its hard to even narrow down things. I obviously will want neutral colored things that are durable because I would like to have it if the Lord blesses us with another baby in the future.

I know that anytime now I can feel the baby move, I cant wait and neither can Chris he is too funny but im sure all you first time mothers know how silly husbands get when you get pregnant. Its so cute! He pampers me and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband by my side. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


Heres a video update of my last few weeks and just a bit of pregnancy chat =)


Its a…baby!

@ 14 weeks, Chris took us out on a date to Skyline Drive
Today I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Still sickies I do believe my nausea and vomiting has gotten worse. I was hoping that I would be far more energetic and lively by now. Now I am able to function somewhat haha… my major task today cleaning up my house. Ive had to take mini breaks in between things but whatever works. I have been able to cook a little more if I cook once a day I feel beyond accomplished at this point. The problem I am facing is not wanting to eat what I made no matter how delicious it may seem.
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