Its a…baby!

@ 14 weeks, Chris took us out on a date to Skyline Drive
Today I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Still sickies I do believe my nausea and vomiting has gotten worse. I was hoping that I would be far more energetic and lively by now. Now I am able to function somewhat haha… my major task today cleaning up my house. Ive had to take mini breaks in between things but whatever works. I have been able to cook a little more if I cook once a day I feel beyond accomplished at this point. The problem I am facing is not wanting to eat what I made no matter how delicious it may seem.

During my visit with my midwife I got to hear my baby's heartbeat. It was 160 =) It was a magical moment. God provided me with the most amazing gift, a gift of providing a little someone life.We had a great first visit of course getting acquainted and I had many questions I wanted answered. I also got blood work done to test for anything that perhaps may affect my pregnancy. I made sure to ask how having a cat may affect my pregnancy, to which I was told that I would be ok considering I never change the litter box my hubby does.

I am having a homebirth and I could not be more thrilled with our decision. We had made this decision about a year ago. We read into it, got educated and weighed out the pros and cons. Ultimately both my husband and I decided a homebirth was what best suited our needs. We are almost 100% positive we will not find out the baby's sex. We both came to the agreement and its actually making my pregnancy even more exciting. I cant wait to meet my little blessing :-) All it comes down to is ultimately having a healthy baby no matter what they be.

Right now I am just getting in baby shopping mode. The first thing I am looking to buy is a Medela breast pump…I have heard great things about it. Chris and I have also gone looking for baby furniture kin of to know what our options are and to see what we can find that both gender neutral and cute. I have found quite a bit, im real excited! I have also been researching gender neutral baby nursery themes kind of to get an idea of what I could do. Though I am thinking that most the decorating will be done after we meet our little miracle.

Hope youre all having a wonderful week!



  1. All of those baby sickness woes make me say "awwww" when it involves someone else lol!

  2. ahh, congratulations! I wish you the very, very, best, and a happy, healthy pregnancy. And a beautiful birth experience!

  3. I'm sooooooooooooooo excited for you! The Medela pump is great! I used it. Are you going to breastfeed? I did it only for 2 months because my baby refused to latch on due to my quick flow and him having acid reflux. I decided to exclusively pump using a medela and did it for 7 months. It was hard to do but so was worth it ;-)

  4. Thank you everyone! Yes I have all the intentions of breastfeeding for as long as I can. I hope I dont encounter too many complications with that. The rewards for your baby are priceless.


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