PCOS inspiration: How I Cured PCOS Naturally, Ep146

More about PCOS and the trauma it brings you life. I was so glad to find this! I have an inspiration and know it can be done! Please watch to learn more you may not know you have it. For many women it takes years to diagnose yet so many women have it. Very sad indeed!


Raw food living: Day 15 done and some exciting news!

It has been a wonderful experience I feel amazing and full of energy. Life could not be better at the moment I feel so at peace and healthy =) now it doesnt mean im healthy haha but I feel it. Somethings take time to process and heal themselves so I understand that I need to let time take its course and I need to make sure im doing as best as I possibly can.

Losing weight is a battle but as long as it comes off slow and steady im happy with that. Now wouldnt it be nice that as fast as it came on it would come off. SO far Ive lost 5 pounds but I feel real good and it feel like way more than 5.

Ive officially lost 50 pounds! Hooray for me! Im down 51 pounds putting me at 146 still some more to lose but im so happy I have gotten this far. Thank you everyone for your love!

Check out my video update to learn more of why I am doing raw food diet and more of my health.


Day 13 Update

Today is my 14th day i will update tomorrow and let you know more =)


Eating Raw: Week one

Its official its been one week since I started eating only raw fruits and veggies. Now I know its not a huge deal but to me it is. It is a huge deal that I have taken control of myself and my body, and with that I can lead myself to better health. Many of you know I already ate clean meaning, I ate only natural foods and organic when possible no processed food and no pork or red meat. The transition for me has not been as hard as others experience I think because I lead a pretty ok lifestyle before choosing to go raw.

Ive been eating salad and snacking on fruits and varieties of nuts all week long. I drink nothing but water, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces. Ive been walking and swimming when possible. It has been a hectic week with my cousin which is like a sister to me gave birth to a beautiful girl! So weve been up and down town with hospital visits and such.

After a week I feel so super amazing and its only been a week. I feel full of energy and alive.

So heres my video reflecting on my first week:


Going Raw - 20 pounds Challenge

I am challenging myself to lose 20 pounds…heres a vid with more info. I have no makeup, im sorry I look fugly. haha

I tried uploading a video last week but it didnt work out so heres a new one and since last week I have taken a different approach. Had you asked me a year ago if I could do it I wouldve said "NEVER!" however theres been changes in m life that little by little I learned not to live to eat but instead to eat to live. Now know that this wansnt in my plans my original plan was just giving up carbs for the most part, control my sugar and exercise a little more. I was talking to my sister in law a couple days ago and she mentioned she was going to try to eat raw, I asked myself,"Can I commit to doing that also?" I immediately said "YES!" an answer that even shocked me. hahaha.

I will try it first for two weeks in order to see how my body adjust if it goes well I plan on doing it for a whole month. I will keep you posted =)

So here I am eliminating everything from my diet except non cooked veggies and fruits. Drink lots of water and stay active. For right now I will be taking Spirulina in order to provide vitamin B12 to my diet, theres other benefis too but to be honest I dont know them all…yet.

Here goes nothing chicas:

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