Eating Raw: Week one

Its official its been one week since I started eating only raw fruits and veggies. Now I know its not a huge deal but to me it is. It is a huge deal that I have taken control of myself and my body, and with that I can lead myself to better health. Many of you know I already ate clean meaning, I ate only natural foods and organic when possible no processed food and no pork or red meat. The transition for me has not been as hard as others experience I think because I lead a pretty ok lifestyle before choosing to go raw.

Ive been eating salad and snacking on fruits and varieties of nuts all week long. I drink nothing but water, I try to drink half my body weight in ounces. Ive been walking and swimming when possible. It has been a hectic week with my cousin which is like a sister to me gave birth to a beautiful girl! So weve been up and down town with hospital visits and such.

After a week I feel so super amazing and its only been a week. I feel full of energy and alive.

So heres my video reflecting on my first week:


  1. good for you! I need to change my eating habits too. it's so hard though


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