Raw food living: Day 15 done and some exciting news!

It has been a wonderful experience I feel amazing and full of energy. Life could not be better at the moment I feel so at peace and healthy =) now it doesnt mean im healthy haha but I feel it. Somethings take time to process and heal themselves so I understand that I need to let time take its course and I need to make sure im doing as best as I possibly can.

Losing weight is a battle but as long as it comes off slow and steady im happy with that. Now wouldnt it be nice that as fast as it came on it would come off. SO far Ive lost 5 pounds but I feel real good and it feel like way more than 5.

Ive officially lost 50 pounds! Hooray for me! Im down 51 pounds putting me at 146 still some more to lose but im so happy I have gotten this far. Thank you everyone for your love!

Check out my video update to learn more of why I am doing raw food diet and more of my health.


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