Confession: I am more in love now, than I ever have before!

Theres something trully magical about marriage. Perhaps its the feeling that youll never be alone in a desperate time of need or the fact that you wake up every morning to the kiss of your endless love. I love waking up in the morning and the first sensation I feel in a day is his kiss. The first sound I hear is "I love you" and the first sight I see is my lover!

It has been a tough couple of months for me simply because I seriously have never been away from my family and to me family is EVERYTHING... they were the air I breathed. When I got married I understood I would not be close but I never imagined it to be this difficult upon my heart. Ive cried more tears over this than anything else in the last few months.I thank God I have a husband that loves me with faults and all and that in those times of pain to me I have his arms around me. I have finally come to the conclusion that my family can keep going on without me LOL, and that I can keep going on without them perhaps not close to me physically but ALWAYS close to my heart!

So the last few months el hub and I have grown closer together. I cannot think of a better best friend than him. I keep in mind what Ms. Mongold said to us when she spoke at our reception "Think of your marriage like a triangle, you and him are on opposite sides and the center point is God. The closer you both grow to God the closer youll be to eachother." That will stick with me forever or so I hope! I trully believe that the closer we are to God the closer God will draw us to eachother and that it is the love of God that will keep us together!

So how does it feel to be soo in love and in lust with your lover? I feel on top of the world!

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