I've been sickies!

So I've been MIA I had the stomach flu! What's left of it today is a horrible headache and I have a sty...grr!

It sucks being sick when you have no one around my family lives four hours away. I moved from Va Beach to Martinsburg,WV when I got married. El Hub got a better job and we found a beautiful home at a steal. We also have a wonderful church which was trully important for us. The downside: I miss my family sooo much! I've never lived outside my parents home before I married. It was a scary move I must admit but I thank God for a wonderful caring husband who loves me and makes my every wish come true!

Anyways, if you do have request please post them or email at mariposadedios@gmail.com send me pics of what you need a look for! I would be glad to help and will try my best to meet your needs

till lata

La Wifey

P.S . What's a quick get me up when you're sick?

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