Finally ready to share: PCOS and Me

Here is part 1 of my video explaining what PCOS has caused in my life I am in the middle of uploading the second part, hope this helps someone:


  1. Proud of you! blessings :-)

  2. Your a blessing, a mentor , and i love you jeni.. i do.. I do, believe you will help several .....I hope one day- i can do the same.
    Hugs & Love to you from me.
    Susie Q

  3. thaks for sharing, way too many women are suffering with this but are afraid to speak out about it. check out my blog where i share my story, lets continue to inform and educate others that PCOS exist www.empresseswithpcos.blogspot.com
    congrats on the baby, blessings to you both and a save pregnancy


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