A big HELLO!

Here I am without a lick of makeup well other than lipgloss =) I could not have shown you my makeup less face 2 years ago. Now I am 50 pounds lighter, a vegan and still a happy housewife!

I have been gone for just over a month I've been a very busy gal. I have just adjusted to life back in the states, getting my house, life and health in order. I am still a strong vegan and loving it. The more recipes I try the more I fall in love with vegan cuisine. I realize now that there was this whole new world of food not yet explored and I am loving it!

I was looking back on many of my previous posts. I realize how progressively my life has changed so much during the last two years. I went from a person who was just married with emotional and physical issues I thought were "normal". I had no idea that in two years I would be sitting here practically a new person. I went from a younger me with no clue how this Wifey-hood would go for me. Scared out of my mind of leaving my family behind. Yet here I am stronger than ever though yes I have gone through soo much both physically and mentally. I am glad I have gone through every last bit. The circumstances in my life have allowed me to grow in ways I did not know I need to. I feel beyond blessed.

I started a new treatment with a doctor that is three hours away but YES she is worth the drive. She looked at PCOS from a different light which I totally loved because everything she mentioned I could relate to and I just loved her point of view for my treatment. Since I saw her its been around 3 weeks and I feel a difference already I actually did starting from the end of the first week. I feel more myself, more relaxed and like I am finally living my life. I am so full of energy. I am up and doing something at all times of the day. I cant sit still haha. I feel like I use to so long ago, a part of myself I though I had lost through time. I am back to my slightly OCD self in a way and I am so glad. Lately I had become so complacent with everything it literally made me sick of myself. I would feel as if my life was passing me by. I would have days I would just sit and watch TV, I simply had no energy to do anything. All that to say I am glad I am back in action. My acne has become way less and my skin more radiant. I feel more confident in my "own" skin. Cant remember the last time I wore anything other than powder. I've had no more severe mood swings because I swear there was times I could out right act evil because I was so compulsive with my emotions. I am back to my normal sweet self :=)

I believe that becoming a vegan has seriously helped me for the better therefore I believe the treatment can take better effect on my body. Ive learned you really are what you eat. SO from now on I plan on making the best of choices for my body. My husband has been so patient with me. He has also become a vegan and he feels really good too. We are both very happy. Th Lord has blessed us abundantly! I hope all of you out there are well!

I have quite a few healthy recipes I want to share with yall. I have been waiting to get my camera back because well I dont know about you but when I look for recipes I prefer to see at least a tiny photo of the finished product. Haha well that could be just me. So my next post sometime tonight will be that…recipes. I promise they are all yummy!

Love you and thank you for your prayers!



  1. Happy to see things are going well for you and that you're in a better place. I've always wanted to venture into vegan territory, but i just sit comfortable in my semi-vegitarian state. Looking foward to your recipes.

  2. Will be up tonight! Yay cant wait to share them theyve all been yummy and I am falling in love with cooking more and more!

  3. Your glowing! I guess that's what happens when you go vegan. I don't know if I could ever do it but your recipes look great.


  4. Thanks hun it sure takes some dedication but it is well worth it. Thanks for stopping by :)


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