50 days until we meet you…maybe.

It is amazing to look back and think of how fast you have grown little baby. Today marks 50 more days until our baby is due. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Chris has been the most amazing Daddy to be. We are getting more and more excited as the days pass by. We are so anxious to know whether its a baby girl or baby boy.

We finally finished painting the baby's room. We put up the crib, the bedding, and accessories. Now we are still putting a few finishing touches and are on the look out for furniture.

Heres the room so far:

We found the bedding at T.J Maxx originally $200 dollars I got it for $60 what a deal! All the matching stuff I found randomly stalking every T.J Maxx in sight. I had literally prayed about it for months thinking I would never find the perfect neutral nursery decor. God heard my constant prayers and led me to this, it couldnt be more perfect. I was so HAPPY when I found this. It was part or a limited edition collection by designer Kenneth Brown sold at Babies R' Us last year. It came with a design booklet which is where we chose the paint pattern from. Its soo pretty =) I couldnt have pictured anything better. God is good!

Heres another shot:

I am now 32 weeks and 6 days. Belly is starting to get heavy and Mommy is starting to get more tired. Im a baby making machine. I think the baby is so big now I can feel movement in every inch of my belly as the baby moves and I still have just under 2 months to go. Eek! Nevertheless I am enjoying growing our little bundle of joy. 

Hope all of you are doing lovely!


  1. super cute nursery girl. Can't wait to see your little one!!

  2. Me either, I am super excited!!!!


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