I confess I love Outlet Shopping!

Yey so today El Hub and I went to the outlets. I purchased MAC Charged Waters at the Cosmetics Company Store aka CCO the other day and I grabbed the wrong one so I went to exchange it I ended up with Youth Aura one hopefully I like it!(crossing fingers) I have super oily skin yuck I hate it I wish it was normal grr! Anyways I was so glad I went today the SAs there are super nice and helpful...yey for Hagerstown CCO...so the SA told me I could return some items I purchased that made me break out horribly (Clinique 3-Step may work on others not on me!)I didn't know I could return them I had already count them as a loss so that was a huge blessing! I didn't buy anything today as I did have a mini haul there 2 days ago. Heres a few things spotted at CCO that stood out:

MAC Pigments

Lark About, Cocomotion,Pinked Mauve, Reflects in Blackened Red


Lots of slimshines and mattenes ,Viva Glam VI,Port Red - my love! Matte2Shadows among others And stuff from: Holiday07, Fafi, Novel Twist, Charged waters, Stylistics and MSFs

Moving on.....Had to go get El Hub from Bose store he knows I go crazy at CCO...my friends will testify!

El Hub needed some suits so we went to S&K and they had buy one get one free on everything we got 2 JonesNewYork suits for $300. El Hub is gonna look soo handsome in his ne suits. BOGO Yet another blessing God is amaizing!

Then we went to yet another Beauty store now I don't frequent this one because they only carry Lancome and while I like their products there's more variety at CCO. El hub came with me to Designer Fragances and Cosmetics they had tons of big name perfumes like Armani. A sale sign caught my eye that said $4.99 they had Juicy Tubes and Gelee Pots for 5 bucks also Color ID foundation a few shadows, blushes, eyeliners and a grey Hypnose. I picked up a mouse blush that was powdery to the touch and Color ID never tried it but 5 bucks for Lancome foundation I wasn't gonna pass! Then I headed to the back they had eyeshadow in pan form that came 2 to a pack for $1.99 yey! So I picked up 2 of them all of them came in packs of 2 of the same color except for one so I got 3 Lancome shadow colors for 4 bucks amazing! Here's the best part they fit a little snug but they fit into my MaC pro pan palette. I also found a cheek and lip tint for $1.99 I got a red one. If you can go to your outlet and check this sale out, can't beat it!

Here's a picture of the shadows I got and how it looks in my palette. They have good pigmentation the dark brown one is called Lezard it's darker than MaCs Expresso and though it looks a little matte has a slight shimmer to it. (I'm hoping to be able to use this on my brows) The one in the middle is Fog a frost like lavender very pretty. The last one at the bottom Russet to me comes very close to MaCs Barbie Loves MaC Beautyburst (I love this color) this color is perhaps a lighter version of this.

Excuse the low quality pic and lack of pics I'm blogging through iPhone won't let me email more than one pic. Being a newlywed means budget is tight but hey at least I have an iPhone!

Peace Out World till next time

La Wifey


  1. i love outlet shopping too! i wish we had a cco =[

  2. I just subscribed to your blog.I to love shopping at CCO's. Where did you get the lancome juicy tubes? I live in Orlando Fl.

  3. thanks for subscribing-- designer fragsnces and cosmetics was the stores name they have lancome it is probably at your local prime outlet malls

  4. ohh and they were only $5 for juicy tubes - what a deal !

  5. Jeni,

    Thanks so much. I have to check my prime outlet. I live at the CCO so one more place won't hurt. (lol) I hear that the juicy tubes are wonderful. Everytime I go to the lancome counter at the department store for some reason I only look at the juicy tubes and walk away. Hey $5.00 you can't beat that.(lol)

  6. no you can't beat that deal! they also had the little pots of gloss I forget what they're called but they're fab!


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