August 9, 2008: Our Wedding Day

Everything was picture perfect on our wedding day! I could not and would not ask for more. Now I'm not going to lie I was a royal mess on the months prior to my wedding and particularlly on the last couple of weeks but on that BIG day morning I was numb to the world. It was like I was walking on a cloud I know it had to be God! That day I forgot about what anyone else was going to think or say. All that was in my mind was getting my dress on, getting to church and meeting my love. Afterall it was 5 years 8 months and 9 days in the making! I enjoyed my BIG day to the fullest! So for all you future brides to be stress all u want, because wether u want to or not stress WILL come. Just remember on that morning to relax and be a little selfish, take the day in, gaze into your lovers eyes and breathe. The day will be gone as soon as it came! Make the most of it and enjoy it!

La Wifey

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