Im a new and improved Jeni

Hello everyone! I miss being able to post here as often as I use to but I just have been so super busy. There have been alot of new and exciting things happening in my my life, Heres a few of the highlights:

I am officially a Clean Eater: Yes, I have crossed to the other side and Praise the Lord the Grass is greener!
What is a clean eater you ask?

Consuming food in its most natural state or as close as possible to it. Its not a DIET its a LIFESTYLE.

I have to to admit that at first I thought my life was over ha-ha. I tend to over react! I will admit also that I did not volunteer myself into this. My alternative medicine doctor advised me that in order to save my life I will have to change my diet! It really works I feel great and I look great compared to what I looked like 5 months ago. I no longer eat red meat or pork, kissed all refined and white sugars goodbye and chicken has become my new best friend! In 4 months I have lost 30 pounds and counting! I am so thankful God has given me a second chance at life and that with my illness I was able to discover this lifestyle. I eat mostly organic and juicing has become an essential part of my day. I strive each day to become healthier as I am not wholly recovered. I would advice everyone to join me in this you would not regret it. It is true you are what you eat and the more I read about it the more i'm convinced its the only way to assure a healthy life. Enough about this... for now, be sure you'll hear lots more from me on this subject in posts to come!

Clean Eater things to steer clear from:
Overly processed foods
Refined foods
Refined sugars and flours
SAT and TRANS fat
Anything fried

I have lost 30 pounds and counting and my husband has lost 15 we are so super excited about this!

I have been investing more time into my amateur photography, and I am loving it!
I live in West Virginia its such a beautiful state. Im very lucky to be able to live surrounded by Gods precious art-nature! God paints each day the most beautiful skies in West Virginia!

I feel like a rose blooming in the springtime! I pray God continues to use me everyday in any way possible.

Be sure you'll hear from me much love



  1. Girl congratualations. Clean eating is really difficult. I'm still trying. I cut out all the meats...so I'm seafood only but the processed foods still get me b/c I hate preparation and cooking.

  2. LoL Girl have you read clean eating magazine its my new BFF I am only eating chicken and fish! The magazine has pork and red meat which I know are not good for you, But if you go to their website they have alternatives for the recipes if youre vegetarian and they have AWESOME RECIPES! You have to check it out if you have itunes checkout the HEALTH RANGER podcast and naturalnews.com I am loving learning new stuff and trust me that podcast will get you motivated! cleaneatingmag.com is the website for the magazine!


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