Praise Report...a quick update!

Hello my darlings!!!!! Miss me much??? I am so happy to say I am doing MUCH MUCH better! After many exams, blood work and lots of praying I am glad to say I am almost back to normal PRAISE THE LORD! I went from nearly having cancer in my uterus to being 2 points away from no more anemia, no more bleeding and my period is finally beginning to be normal. My hair, skin, nails and whole body feel and look great...yes im still a chunky monkey but I love myself as I am my goal was never to lose weight but to get HEALTHY but loosing a few pounds didn't hurt.

I am following a very strict natural treatment that cures me Gods way using all the things he put on this earth for us to use to our advantage. I did go to a regular doctor but unfortunately they were not able to help me instead my problem got worse therefore I decided to go to alternative medicine. My treatment ends in September and it has been a little tough but it all has been worth it in 2 months the cysts in my ovaries are almost gone and my uterus completely healthy and NORMAL after I had learned I had a growth inside of it that was set to stay there forever or so I was told. The Lord has truly blessed me and given me a chance to have babies when I thought that chance was gone and forgotten.

I want to thank all of you Specktra Babes for your many prayers and love, my friends who through the distance has shown me how much I am missed and that without a doubt they always have me in their prayers, my familia I Love You guys so much thank you for giving me the strength to keep going when things got hard, and my Hunny Bunny the love of my life thank you for your patience and endless love and patience I hope I never have to leave you for 4 months ever again!

Now please check out my recent FOTDs posted bellow comments and constructive criticism always welcome! I’ll be able to post more once I get home July 10th please continue to pray for me thank you so much ladies!


  1. God Bless U! All your looks are gorgeous!

  2. Hey girl! I'm very glad to read this post, and to know you're feeling better. I really admire you, your strength and faith! It is true that God leads us and never leaves us.I'm so glad knowing you feel better, and I send the best wishes to you and your beautiful family.
    Alibi from Specktra.


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