For You Lord

I wrote this back in March I was just done trying a treatment that failed I decided to post this because I want this blog to show every side of me. I am a Christian but that doesnt mean theres not hard times for me too. I wrote this knowing that God knew every word I wrote before it was ever written, that he knew every tear I cried before it had fallen, and that he knew every purpose in what has been going on in my life. Still through it all I know he loves me and his love is so much more than I could ever comprehend.

Lord thank you for giving me a chance if living. For your endless love, your endless mercy and your endless understanding! I feel so alone right now Lord I feel so sad and low and I know only your arms are here to hold me . I beg that you hold me tight that you dont let me go. I feel like im falling and I know the only one that can keep me from falling. Lord forgive me for the many wrongs I do each and everyday. I dont mean to hurt you! I dont want to come apart from you my place is only near you! Please give me wisdom father to help me understand and comprehend the things that cause me this hurt. Help me not to doubt and forgive my unbelief at times. I just need you because I have nothing, I am nothing...without you Lord.

Love you always and forever,


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