Hello Darlings: Quick Update

I will be in Ecuador till July 10th and will have to return again in September. After tests a mini operation and a diet I feel much better. Guess what finally stopped my bleeding Red Wine yes 3oz of red wine a day and it stopped. I am under an all natural treatment which was my choice rather than going with conventional medicine which consists of natural juices, a healthier diet, and natural medicines. I did not want to take birth control which was the other option. I was on the verge of cancer in my uterus and Thanks tot the Lord I got here in the nick of time! I cant wait to have more time and explain in more detail my journey but i will as soon as I am home till later loves!


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  1. aw jeni i miss you so much and im so sorry you can't be in the wedding! i know you wanted to, but i hope you get alllllll better! im sure chris misses you alot. i love you and im praying for you!


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