Valentines Day Wishes

In my country(im from Ecuador) its called the day of Love and Friendship...so this weekend spend it with the ones you love and cherish and take a little time of your day to show them just how much they mean to you! Take a time in the day to thank God for them and ask God to bless them for the many blessings they provide to your life! Dont forget to thank the Lord for his many blessings and for his endless, most pure love!

This will be the first valentines day as a married woman --wow that makes me feel like im old for some reason lol-- This year im now a housewife therefore I really have no money to buy a gift especially after MAC+Hello Kitty--im bad! Although im not able to buy something for my most precious gift from God I sure do have the talent and time to make him something. So I will make him a few things with my own 2 hands -kicking it old school- what it comes down to is...its really from the bottom of my heart and it will be worth far more than anything else I could buy him. So if this year youre broke as a joke like me dig into your creativity and whip up something for your loved one.

Heres a few ideas:
Make them their favorite- meal, dessert, pastry
Make a card
Write a hot love note
Write to a friend how much you appreciate them
Give a massage
Dont be a pain -lol
Let them have their way day
Make a romantic night for you and your significant other
Candlelit bath
Make IOU coupon book- for things you can do throughout the year
Make a collage
For the hubbie - wear something exciting
If you have time pick up a dictionary and highlight every word that describes them

This list could go on probably but heres things from the top of my head

Remember to love freely, love deeply, love purely, love inside and out and most importantly love truly!
May yall have a safe and happy weekend. Be good girls!

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