5 Day Fruit Detox - DONE

Hey you! Yesterday was my last day on my 5 day detox plan which consisted of only eating fruits for 5 days suggested to me by my doctor. In I addition drink plenty of water, I juiced in the morning a recipe my doctor gave to me and I took herbal supplements my homeopathic doctor prescribed.

Am I glad it over? Yes, but to be honest it wouldnt bother me any if I had to keep going. I highly recommend doing something like this if even maybe for 3 days to get rid of junk in your body. Today as I break this I will eat fruits for breakfast and salad for lunch I was thinking of perhaps an egg but im not quite sure yet. I will eat a little chicken come Monday…today is Sunday, I dont want to completely shock my body!

It is important that a day before at least before the detox you eat lightly and things easy for your body to digest. Your body will transition better I believe. Drink plenty of water. The days before the detox are as important as the days after make sure youre not shocking your body by eating something terribly hard for your body to digest. Try to be aware of chewing your food give your tummy a hand =)

I am very excited to tell you I lost 8 pounds from this. Now please note I did NOT do this to lose weight! I did it because my Doctor suggested I did as I am starting a new part of my treatment.

Please also note that I am no expert nor do I claim to be. I am just a little housewife on the search of ultimate health.

Now that I did this I continue to eat non-processed foods, foods without hydrogenated oils, baked or grilled chicken and lots of fruits and veggies. I think the true secret to weight loss is eating what God intended us to anyways. Ive lost 40 pounds so far just by eating a clean non processed foods diet.

Thanks for reading
Have a Blessed week!


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  2. I agree, we all should try to incorporate healthy eating into our lifestyles.


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