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I have not blogged in quite a while. Its been busy around here not just with Isaac but with life in general. Its summer time so we've been going out of town more often. Getting a routine has been somewhat of a challenge but I think I am finally starting to get one going (crossing fingers)

Isaac is now three months old and I can't believe it. I am already missing that newborn stage and its giving me baby fever! I just want him to stop growing now. I dont mind holding, snuggling and nurturing him forever :-P He is such an awesome baby. He never woke me up more than once at night. He is now sleeping through the night, he has been since about a month ago. He is always laughing and cooing (if he is not gassy) It is such a joy being his mommy.

Now whats going on with us?


I am exclusively breastfeeding and its going great. He eats a lot, if I were to let him eat all the day long he probably would.  I will be honest in admitting that throughout my whole pregnancy what I feared the most was not the delivery but breastfeeding. I was so determined I would breastfeed but I was so nervous to not be able to do so, for whatever reason. I guess I had just heard too many stories of how bad it was for some and how they HAD to stop. I was scared, What if I can't do it?, What if no milk comes out?, What if it hurts too much? I read and read and was determined I WOULD BREASTFEED no matter what and so I did. After he came that was the first thing I did. There was after birth pains every time I fed him initially. Woah did they hurt but after a couple days they went away. I did feel some pain at every letdown for about the first month. None of it was enough to stop me. I didn't have any formula to fall back on either so in a way that helped and kept me motivated. There is also something almost magical about that time you get to bond with your baby while breastfeeding. At the age he is at now he will randomly stop, look at me and just smile…it melts my heart.

Now I do have a pump and I try to pump once every morning. I have a Medela Pump in Style and I like it very much. I introduced a bottle to him at two weeks and he gulped it down then again I gave him a bottle at six weeks. I am glad that he has not had any issues taking a bottle since we have been traveling so much. My hubby bought me a receptacle I can plug my pump to on the road so I dont get engorged. I love it! It definitely helps on long trips.

Cloth Diapering

I am part-time cloth diapering, if that makes any sense haha. We have not been able to in one bulk get our cloth diapers. There has been many new expenses on our budget with Isaac in the picture.  They are rather expensive but a great investment in the long run. There are cheaper alternatives to cloth but for now I am sticking with pockets (which you stuff) and all in ones (AIO) which are ready to go.

Brands I have tried so far is Bumgenius and Rumparooz. I plan on writing reviews based on my experience with them. I just ordered Bumgenius Flips with organic inserts, one Oh Katy pocket diaper and a few more Rumparooz which I am contemplating returning for more Bumgenius AIOs. Can you tell which kind I'm liking more already?

I did win a Envibum diaper so I can't wait to try that too.

I love cloth diapering! I am doing it about every other day and hopefully soon Ill be able to full time cloth diaper my baby.  It is not as hard as many imagine. You take it off and toss it in your wash bag. Now if its poop since I'm breast-feeding its water soluble so no worries. There are also liners you can use for when poop becomes solid so you just remove the liner and throw that away and toss it in your laundry bag. Not any messier than regular diapers in my opinion. Plus there are so many cute prints out there. It is quite addicting!

Plus I think Isaacs hinny is much happier, no rashes.

Diet and Exercise

Since I am exclusively breastfeeding it is not recommended you subject yourself to any diet or rigorous exercise routine it can release toxins into your bloodstream and milk. So I haven't exercised much, I started walking and well that didn't go so well. My left leg has given out on me for some unknown reason. Im still trying to figure it out.

As far as diet goes, making the right choices is about as much as I can do while breastfeeding. Its quite hard though with my pregnancy cravings seem to be lingering haha. NOT GOOD! I am constantly hungry it seems. I can't eat certain things that upset Isaacs belly.

We are back to eating white meat, still sticking away from dairy, but we mostly eat vegetarian diet at home. getting back on track is harder than I expected.

I have 15lbs lingering in my body from pregnancy and they seem to be happy and content to be where they are. :( My Isaac is worth every pound though.

Here is a few pictures of my growing baby:

At 1 month old with his Bumgenius print AIO

with Daddy at two months old

at 3 months such a cutie

My love and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and I couldn't be more in love!
I thank my Lord for the many blessings he has given me. 

I have new yummy recipes to post soon I hope :) I will try to keep up with my blogging. See you later loves.


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