Growing Pains

I have got to say that out of the many joys PCOS brings you (joke,joke) I hate my acne and my hair loss =( the most.

Yes my acne has cleared up probably like 70% and it is much better than what it use to be thanks to a diet change. I still have the scars though and even if everyone says they cant tell I CAN and that is what matters. I hate that I dont go a day without one little pimple in my face….UGHHHH!

I lose hair all day everyday. I feel like Everywhere I sit theres a trail of my hair. Good thing I have a full head of hair that is very voluminous. I do have to say it makes me self conscious though I feel like I am going bald. When I wash my hair a handful of hair falls by the locks. Even more when I brush it and so it continues when I style it. Im sure theres many of you out there that understand.

Ugh I have pain in my ovaries and I hate it! Ive been having pain kinda on and off. Were thinking it may be a sign of them working and actually ovulating…that would be great =) 

I had my first close to normal period this month so that was a huge blessing. I feel like we are on the right track. My emotions have been up and down and the fact that Hubby has been working like crazy has driven me crazy…I miss him! 

I have lived through the worst of PCOS so I figure the best is yet to come. I am hoping that this slight pain in my ovaries means were going towards the right direction. So ill take the growing pains with grace and pray they dont become any worst.

I hope all you lovely ladies are having a good week and that you have an even better weekend.



  1. That sounds good. I'm glad you are doing better. About the hair, I am in the same boat. In my case becasue of my Thyroid. I leave strands of hair everywhere! About the Acne, I also break out, mostly on my chin. When a pimple is healing, there's a new one coming :( I'm contemplating going to the dermatologist again.. hmm we'll see ;-) Take care hun!

  2. Sue I also have an underactive thyroid =( … glad to know im not alone in my frustration haha

  3. hello pretty last. thank you for following my blog!


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